The Harel Group

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Read the experiences of previous interns through their personal testimonies!

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As a college student, I believe the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and ability is critical in developing your professional career. At The Harel Group, the entire summer is just that.

K.K. - The Harel Group Intern 2016

I got real hands on experience into how to search for companies and compile information which would help facilitate potential business transactions with the clients in different markets with specific needs.

J.F. - The Harel Group Intern 2016

Through this internship, I was able to not only learn about different programs and tools, but was able make a direct impact on how the company grows and develops a relationship with a group of professionals.

C.L. - The Harel Group Intern 2016

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a diverse and experienced group at The Harel Group, with colleagues coming from different backgrounds of expertise and having an open mind to help me learn about the different aspects of licensing and distributing products.

J.M. - The Harel Group Intern 2016


This internship has given me an excellent overview of the pharmaceutical industry that goes beyond what any coursework or seminar can teach me.

D.P - The Harel Group Intern 2016

The leaders in this company are incredibly experienced professionals with a strong desire and willingness to mentor and help interns by passing on their experience.

A.G.- The Harel Group Intern


One of the great advantages of working at HC is that you’re not just sitting behind your desk doing all the work; you will go out with the team to different conferences, meetings and events.

R.A. - The Harel Group Intern 2016

Working with the Harel team was a great way to end my college experience and transition into a professional business environment.

A.J. - The Harel Group Intern 2015


My experience at Harel Consulting has been invaluable and will guide me through my career for the rest of my life, along with the example of leadership of Flora and Jacob that was set before me.

A.P. - The Harel Group Intern 2014

Communication and presentation skills are one of my gain at Harel Consulting. Not only is it crucial to be able to clearly describe what Harel Consulting can offer but also how to make it target specific, the confidence in the presenter, the tone-use, and way to capture attention are skills that I observed in the communications of the team members.

M.L. - The Harel Group Intern 2014


Working at Harel Consulting has been one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. From the start of my first week I recognized my role would put my hand in every basket of our venture.

E.C - The Harel Group Intern 2014